Pool and Patio Enclosure Screen

Hey all,

Hope you all are enjoying this beautiful Florida evening. Since the summer is upon us, I am sure you are getting outside more. Maybe out to our great beaches, or maybe at your pool. Have you noticed the holes in the screens? Or, are your screens having a white haze to them? This is a sign that they need to be replaced. 

As we Floridians know, when the day starts to end, mosquitoes and other flying insects look to use us to bite on. Why not shore up your pool or patio enclosure and leave the bug spray in the cabinet? There are so many choices of screens that you can replace your old screen with. Of course, you have the standard pool screen, but you can fight the no-see-ums with our 20 x 20 screen. 

Also, do not forget our afternoon thunderstorms will be firing up soon. The wind gusts are sure to blow out one or two brittle screens. Typical screen life is about 7 years, but can be more or less depending on where you live. It is always a good idea to be prepared before the wind blows out a screen and lets in all those flying insects. This can definitely ruin a cookout.

Take a moment to inspect your screens. If you find spline hanging out of the groove, or holes in the screen, take a moment to call someone out to look at them. We would be more than happy to be that company. I like to say that we are an a la carte company. If you only want one or two panels replaced, we will be more than happy to do that. We can also rescreen the whole thing. We use Phifer® screen and Twitchell Super Screen®.  So, just give us a call, and we will be happy to show you what separates us from the competition. Have a great evening!

Steve Kling