Our Lifestyle® Garage Screens

Hey all! I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to introduce you to one of our premier products: Lifestyle® Garage Screens.

We introduced this product to our line-up a couple years ago. We used to install the traditional sliding screen panels, but changed for this 2010 Product of the Year. You may be asking yourself, what is so great about this product. Well, there are a few advantages to this screen. First, there are no visible tracks to install on the outside of your garage door. Yep, that is correct, nothing to drive over or bend. This feature alone is why so many HOA's approve us to install this item. It can be hidden when not in use.

Another feature is the center retractable door. You may go in and out at will without the worry of insects coming in, or having to raise up your motorized screen to get outside. Also, with the optional white privacy screen, no one will see what is going on inside. If you look at the picture on this post, can you see our customer doing back flips? Yeah, I didn't think so.

The tracks are installed inside your garage and are made of the same material that your garage tracks are made of. Tensions springs assist in pulling the screen up and down. One advantage over motorized screens is that during a power outage, the screen came still be put up and down.

Not only is this product heads and shoulders above the sliding garage screens, it is also back by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Plus, yeah it gets better, this is 100% Made In America!!! Available in White, Brownstone, and Sandstone. So, what are you waiting for? Call us today for a free in home estimate and demonstration.