One of the best indicators that your enclosure screen needs to be replaced is the white "haze" as seen above. This indicates that the fiberglass coating has worn down and is now brittle to the touch. Falling branches or heavy winds will eventually tear through the screen and into your pool. 

Are you tired of looking at those pines needles sticking through your roof screens? If you pull them through, they will tear small holes in your screen leading to premature wear and also, will allow mosquitoes into your entertainment area. There is a type of screen that we stock that will solve this problem. Please contact us for further details on this and other solutions to your enclosure issues.

Super Screen®

After a 7 year weathering test, Super Screen® lost only 1% of original strength! It is virtually unaffected by sun exposure and age. This equates to a 20 year or more lifespan!  The UV tolerant properties of Super Screen® eliminate fading, flaking and brittleness. And, being incredibly strong, it exceeds Section 553.73 of the Florida Building Code for pool fencing! Available in 16 x 20 and 17 x 20 insect screen. Call us today for an estimate for your enclosure.


Rescreening pool and patio enclosures is our specialty. We use the finest materials available to give you the longest life possible on your screen enclosure. Also, we screen each panel individually. We do that so if a panel is damaged down the road, you can replace one panel without changing the surrounding panels. It also provides for a more taut screen. If there is a particular screen that you would like to have installed, we can get and install it. 

Screen Types


We can install any type of screen that you want!

Florida Glass: is used on the lower sections of pool and patios to keep out dirt. It is a screen mesh with a laminate back. Also, good for blocking the view of nosy neighbors! Not recommended for roof panels.

Sheerweave Solar Screen: blocks out 73% of the sun's heat and glare without sacrificing outward visibility. Great for the front porch or garage sliding screens.

20 x 20 Insect Screen: also know as the "No-See-Um screen". This mesh offers great protection from the insects that bother us on those great Florida summer nights. Enjoy the evening again with this insect defense.

Solar Screen: there are many different types of solar screen to block out UV rays. Typical ratings are 80% and 90%. 

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