Screen Enclosure Fastener System

Do your screen enclosure fasteners look like this?

There are a number of factors that effect the life of the fasteners in your screen enclosure. Whether you are located beachside or on the interior of the state, at some point your fasteners are going to rust. There are many options available to fix this issue including: spray painting the screws or replacing them with the same ones that rusted in the first place. Neither of these are long term solutions.

There are companies that will sell you on stainless steel fasteners to replace your rusted eye sore. While this is a good solution, this does not in any way resolve the issue. The stainless steel fasteners will hold up against the corrosion (the heads still may rust), but the aluminum itself will end up on the wrong end of the corrosion equation. The problem is that when two dissimilar metals come in contact with each other, electrolysis will happen. The end result is the break down of one or both of the metals as seen in these pictures.

Well, what do I do and who has the solution...?


Rusted Joint Before
Rusted Bottom Screw
Rusted Joint Before 2
Nylo-Tec After

we have the solution, of course!

We offer the best solution for replacing those eye sores that are very embarrassing when your guests come by to enjoy the pool. To the left you will notice that even when you have a bronze enclosure, the rusted screws are noticeable. If you look in the after pictures, you will see how well the new fasteners blend into the aluminum.

The heads of the screws have nylon caps that are UV resistant, so they don't yellow or become brittle in the hot Florida sun. They retain their look over time and strengthen the enclosure. High winds are no longer a worry for an old, dated pool cage. 

Our fasteners are ceramic coated as well, so they are durable. All of these features help to make this the best solution in the industry.

Also, for the bottom of the enclosure, we have a solution for all those rusted, broken screws as well. With our special drill auger, we install a sleeve into the aluminum, then the screw. We cap it off with beautiful color matched cap that will protect it from water and debris.

We suggest that you have these professionally installed due to many issues that will arise from doing it yourself; however, if you are handy and have the tools, please order the kits from our online store.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a free estimate, call us at (386) 437-1280

Or, if you would like to do it yourself, please click here to order your set now.